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A Solid Diet Is 70% Of What Makes An Amazing Physique.

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Your Personal Nutritionist

We provide you with your own nutritionist to refine your diet.

As you already know, nutrition is extremely complex. Just because a diet plan works for some guy on instagram doesn't mean it will work for the person who buys the program.

We believe that the way to get the best diet plan possible is through expertise and personalization.

Experienced & Proven

Every nutritionist & dietition at Kalos has at least 4 years of experience as a nutritionist, along with a degree in nutrition or dietics.

Our nutrition team is relentlessly vetted to ensure that only the most qualified people are servicing our clients. People who choose to work with us are passionate about their fitness, and we believe that they want and deserve the very best nutrition coaching available.

Put your Diet on Autopilot

Sit back and let us maximize your diet's potential

We know that you work hard in the gym to make progress, let us work hard at your diet so it doesn't hold you back.

100% Personalized

Every single aspect of your diet will be personalized to your needs.

Your diet will be customized to your:

  • Favorite Foods
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Lifestyle
  • Goals
  • Any other needs

Optimize your diet today!

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Personal Nutritionist


  • Personalized Diet Plans
  • Goal Tracking
  • Dietary Adjustments
  • Live Messaging Support
  • 2-4 Meal Options Per Meal Per Week

Personal Nutritionist Plus


  • Personalized Diet Plans
  • Goal Tracking
  • Dietary Adjustments
  • Live Messaging Support
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • Recipes For Every Meal
  • All Unique Meals

*Billing every 4 weeks

Scientific Approach

We hone in on your perfect diet

Our approach is different from most nutrition services out there. We deliver diet plans on a weekly basis because a cornerstone of our process is adjusting quickly to your needs. We incrementally work towards giving yiy the most effective diet for your body in a matter of weeks so you hit your goals sooner and with ease.

Boosted by Technology

Do everything you need to do via our web app!



From the web app, you can:

  • Get your diet plan
  • Get your shopping list
  • Track progress
  • View predicted progress
  • Update goals & dietary info
  • Check in
  • Get support

Your Fleeting Opportunity

Maybe you've noticed that there aren't any testimonials on this page...

Well that's because we are a relatively new company.
We have only existed for a few months. However, we are growing quickly.
If you come back to this web page in a few months, there will almost certainly be many testimonials...
Why is this an opportunity?
Because once we've proven that we can do what we know we can... we will double our prices.
But everyone who has faith in us and joins NOW will not be paying more when the prices go up. We don't want to seem like sneaky sales-people, but it's the truth and it's important that you know this before making a decision.
We hope that you take advantage of this opportunity because only the first 100 people to join will be able to!