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Our Process

Why our clients are killing their goals

An Analytical Approach to Dieting

We take an approach to nutrition that is entirely based on finding out what works as quickly as possible. We deliver diet plans on a weekly basis because that is the shortest period of time that we can test a diet plan. We calculate the efficiency of the diet, and max it out. We also take how easy the diet is to follow into account. We don't want our clients fight for their goals, we want them to glide effortlessly towards their goals and reach them before they even notice that they were dieting. Once we know what works for a client, we focus on enjoyment. In other words, after a client's diet is perfect for their body, we make it perfect for their lifestyle. We factor in cheat meals so that they can have a social life (unlike us when we were dieting before Kalos) and we make sure that they thoroughly enjoy every meal.